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I am semi retired so I have more time to research, and I am grateful for that.  It was suspected I may have Prostate Cancer in February of 2015 as my PSA, (Prostate Specific Antigen), was 17.40.  After some procrastination I finally agreed to a biopsy on the organ in question in June and the results were positive for cancer.

In September I was offered a more definitive MRI to determine the extent of the tumor to help in the decision to either have surgery or not.  The question was raised when I asked what the long term effects of surgery were.  The doctor informed me that they remove the prostate all together and along with it go the nerve bundles that encapsulate the organ unless the tumor was only “within” the prostate itself and not involving the nerve bundles.  Then they would radiate the area to kill any cancer that might, (or will), be left behind.
I then asked what the long term effects of the radiation were because if they are going to radiate the area anyway……why should I have surgery!  He didn’t have a good reason against radiation only v surgery and radiation.  He is a surgeon so I didn’t expect him to recommend something other than surgery.

I had done a little research on baking soda and molasses but in hindsight not enough.  I just didn’t see enough evidence to cause me to give up on the medical community at this point and at the time I was in a long term rehabilitation facility for unrelated reasons and didn’t have complete control of my diet so I opted for radiation treatment only.

I was given two hormone shots before treatment started, one in October and one in November. They were to counter testosterone and last for 6 months.  I started radiation in December and finished in February. I had 44 sessions which included an x-ray every Friday. Six months after, I was checked and there was no sign of return.  The check included a physical exam and blood work for PSA levels.  My PSA did increase from 17.4 to 19.3 right before treatment and now was at zero.

In backing up a bit this all started because of a lot of joint pain.   I was complaining about these pains for some years but I was getting pain around my rib cage and along my thoracic spin that was getting fairly uncomfortable.  Because I had not had a physical in some years they referred me to a Urologist for a prostate exam.  In trying to nail down the cause of my pain they immediately thought the prostate cancer metastasized to the bones once they determined that cancer was present in the prostate.  So a complete bone scan and CT scan was ordered.  All came back negative.  So the answer to my pain was old age and arthritis.  Will get back to that later.

In March I went for a follow up with the urologist once my treatment was over.  He mentioned that my urine had a high glucose level so he ordered some blood work.  That evening he called me and declared that I needed to get to an emergency room as my blood glucose level was 511 mg/dl.  Now I know my levels were normal back in February of 2015 so I attributed this sudden jump to the radiation.

In November of 2016 I had a routine colonoscopy and they had found a fairly large polyp.  Tests can back positive for cancer, stage one.  I am then referred to a surgeon for consultation.  Of course the surgeon recommended removing a third of my large intestine, I said no thanks.  Six weeks were between diagnosis and the consultation so I had hit the internet and started some real research.

There are claims of cancer “cures” all over the net from some plant in Australia to roots found in India and all kinds of claims in between.  What really caught my attention was the “Baking Soda” claim.  Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3,  which is 1 sodium atom, 1 hydrogen atom, 1 carbon atom, and 3 oxygen atoms.  One of the most common substances on the planet.  So what does this substance do?

Sodium bicarbonate does just shy of a million things!  I now use it for toothpaste because Tom’s of Maine was bought out by Colgate and they immediately added fluoride back in.  But aside from cleaning your silver it is alkaline and will help correct the pH level of your body when administered correctly.  What is pH?

Well if you don’t care for a swimming pool you might not have an idea.  But the pH level in a pool can be noticed when your eyes sting if the pH level is too low.  pH is potential of hydrogen and is measured on a scale from 0-14.  So naturally 7 would be the mid-point and in fact is called neutral pH, good for the pool.  Above 7 is alkaline and below is acidic.  So why worry about pH?

“Virtually all degenerative diseases including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis. kidney, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body.”

That quote was taken from the book Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment by Dr. Mark Allan Sircus Ac. OMD.    So what that quote is saying is that if our pH is low, or acidic, we are putting our health at risk for disease, including cancer.

Dr Tullio Simoncini claims to have had great success treating cancer with “baking soda” and in fact has sacrificed his career in doing so.  He has been called a quack among other names, and has lost his license to practice in his home country of Italy.  What Dr Simoncini claims is that cancer is a fungus and fungi can’t survive in an alkaline environment.  Some of the testimonies related to baking soda cancer treatments are fantastic.  Some stage four successes can be read.

I was certainly not qualified to debate the issue of what cancer is or not, what causes it and or what cures it.  What I can say is that when I was told I had cancer it was extremely difficult to come to terms with.  It would of been much easier if I had something I could see, feel, or even look at in an x-ray.  But none of that was or is possible with the cancers I have.  I had and have no symptoms.  I have to have complete trust that what I am being told is absolute.  As most people these days I have known people who have not survived this disease.  So the seriousness of it can’t be ignored.

I was raised with religion, gave it up, then after life changing events, came back to God.   I only mention that because yeast is a fungus and the bible mentions “leaven” many times and always referring to “unleavened” bread or cakes and wafers.  Leaven is what we call yeast.  And now that I am diabetic I need to stay away from breads.  There are many references to what we should not eat in the bible, like shell fish.  Funny how so many people have an allergy to shell fish.  But I digress.  Yeast infections are easily taken care of with baking soda, internet search it.  Fungi will not grow in an alkaline environment, period.  Not consuming fungi would probably be a good idea as well.

After all this research I decided to get a pH meter, you can buy the strips as well.  I could now test my urine regularly and accurately.  My meter arrived in December and I started testing several times a day.  My first test was 5.65.  For the next several days the readings were from 5.25 to 5.65 consistently.  This is pretty acidic.  Now understand that your kidneys are removing toxins, acidic substances, so your urine is not a direct reflection of the actual pH of your blood which ideally should be about 7.3.  Your first urine elimination in the morning maybe more acidic than one during that day, especially if you are drinking plenty of water.  But your urine should not be in the range mine was on a consistent basis.

It now became clear to me after reading most of Dr Sircus’s book at this point, the countless articles on the net, and video testimonies, that my cancers were present because my pH was acidic.  Then I looked at my arthritis and how it had gotten worse over time and is about as bad as it can get.  There is also a direct link to acidic levels and diabetes!

So I started on a protocol of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, honey, and water as suggested in the book.  I would point out that the well water I have has a pH level that is consistently around 8.4 and would be considered alkaline water.  I followed an aggressive protocol to get my pH up quickly and keep it there for three weeks.  I had steady readings in the mid to high 7 range with a couple of days in the low 8 range.  I have finished that protocol 3 days ago and my pH has been from 6.4 to 6.8 consistently.

Because I don’t have some tumor that is visible that I can watch shrink, or because there is no other tests besides a colonoscopy for monitoring, I will have to wait about 6 months before they will go back in and look around.  In the meantime I will monitor and try and keep my pH levels as close to normal as I can.

UPDATE: Had my colonoscopy and 3 polyps were removed for testing. Note these three were present on the November colonoscopy but the the larger one only was removed for testing. All three came back benign!!! Additionally the site were cancer was present was biopsied and that came back negative for cancer. Wow!

So removal of 1/3 of colon was not done and the recommendations are “come back in 3 years!”

Video of the above can be seen here My story and cancer cure protocol

My arthritis is still about the same, but I didn’t expect it to change in two weeks.  My glucose levels are okay if I watch what I consume.   I have added turmeric, cumin, and other beneficial foods and herbs to my diet.

I only wish I had done the research before being zapped with radiation for the prostate cancer as I now have life long consequences as a result.  We would have been able to feel the lump shrink as the protocol worked on the prostate cancer.

The lies are with the flow of money.  The doctors who practice medicine prescribe medicine, the surgeons want to operate.  The doctor who prescribes a common item found on the grocery store shelf jeopardizes his or her career.  The surgeon who doesn’t recommend surgery will not get paid.  My treatment for prostate cancer probably cost 6 figures, I don’t know exactly what it cost because insurance paid for it all.  The protocol I took cost less than $10.00.  The pharmaceutical industry and the cancer industry together are probably the largest industry in the world.  I don’t think we will change that with a box of baking soda.

I recommend Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment by Dr. Mark Allan Sircus Ac. OMD. as it has a plethora of knowledge we can all use even if you don’t have cancer, that you know of anyway….

I will update when something changes.

I welcome comments and questions.

Update 2/13/2017: I had a primary care doctors appointment on Wednesday the 8th.  I had dropped off some blood a week before.  My A1C, which was 5.8, was 10.6 in March of 2016, May it was 7.7, and in August was 6.8.  Back in March I was given Metformin and took it until July 1st.  I used diet as best as I could still being in a treatment facility until October.  Since then I now have complete control of my diet.  I check my glucose levels regularly including during the protocol which I will publish later.

Update 3/10/2017: My Cancer Protocol

UPDATE: 10/12/2017 My pH has been in the high 7 to low 8 range checking 2 to 3 times a month. Recent blood work came back all good. I was given Lipator for high cholesterol back in February but didn’t take it. I added Herbal Lifeline from Herbalife instead and that took care of the problem. I am an Herbalife distributor. Hrblf4life@comcast.net if you’d like any of the products.

UPDATE: 6/6/2018: I have not experienced high glucose levels since last year.  My arthritis is so much better.  I can do things I could not before, like getting up from a squatting position without help.  Morning pain and stiffness is almost gone.

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