My Cancer Protocol

Update 3/10/2017: The following is the protocol I used as a result of colon cancer diagnosis after an experience with prostate cancer. See The Disease of Lies for complete explanation.
GL=Blood glucose levels taken with Bayer Contour
TBL=Table Spoon
TSP=Tea Spoon

I took the protocol for 20 days as logged below and then continued the log for pH reference moving forward.

Prostate cancer is gone according to physical exam and PSA tests. I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 12/2/2016. Removal of a third of my colon is recommended. I have a consultation on 1/12/2017 with a surgeon.
In research I have come across the “Baking Soda” protocol for treating cancer and have invested many hours. I have purchased Dr. Sircus’s book on Sodium Bicarbonate “Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment”

Received my PH meter on Wednesday 12/27/2016 and immediately took a urine reading of 5.65. On my next urge to urinate I took another reading of 5.25. The following three days first thing the morning and at some other point in the day took readings and all were in the 5.25 to 5.55 range, in fact it was 5.55 this morning. I determined this to be enough evidence of a consistent low PH or evidence of acidosis.
Today at noon, 12/31/2016 I am taking a glass of 2 TBL spoons of Sodium Bicarbonate with 2 TBL spoons (approx.) raw honey and water. (I realized I had magnesium and took 1 tsp with water about an hour after the baking soda mix) We have well water here and the PH level tested a few times since getting the meter is right at 8.42. I have had a good sized breakfast, usually, of a potato diced, boiled, and then cooked in olive oil and Italian herbs, a tbls of shredded cheddar cheese, left over pork loin, any leftover meat, 3-4 cups of spinach, a clove of garlic, about the same amount of fresh ginger as a clove of a garlic, a tsp of Turmeric, a tsp of fresh ground pepper, a whole tomato diced, 4-5 white mushrooms, and three poached eggs with coffee. My fasting glucose was 101. Yesterday was 99 and the day before was 84.
At 3PM I tested my urine and it read 7.25. I did it twice to make sure!
A full 8 hours sleep and 6.88 for the first urine of the day and blood GL 87. Usual breakfast. Happy New Year! At 8PM urine was 8.04. Not sure if it is related but my joint pain was very high today.
PH of 7.55 This morning first thing. Usual breakfast minus meat. Feel a little better as well.
1/3/2017 8.12 this morning. Usual breakfast. Usual pain. Changed protocol to 2 TSP of SB Right before my PH was 7.24
1/4/2017 PH was 7.14 and pain was tough all night and this morning. GL was 124 right out of bed then 1 hour later it was 107.
1/5/2017 PH was 7.22 and pain was tough all night and this morning. GL was 97
1/6/2017 PH was 7.11 and GL was 124. Didn’t take protocol today
1/7/2016 PH was 6.89 in the morning and then later was 5.80. Joint pain is pretty bad today. I changed back to 2 TBL spoons of SB and 1 TBS spoon of Mg. Before bed m PH was 8.11. GL was 195 two hours after dinner and a cup of ice cream for desert.
1/8/2017 PH was 7.40, GL fasting was 100. Joint pain was better today. GL 2 hours after dinner was 80.
1/9/2017 GL fasting 114. 3 hours after drink PH was 7.81.
1/10/2017 GL fasting 107. I received Spirulina and Magnesium Chloride yesterday. I have taken the Spirulina last night and this morning. PH was 6.89 this morning and 7.50 later. So protocol changes to include 1TSP of MgCl2 instead of just Mg.
1/11/2017 GL 108 and PH 7.00. Later in the day after morning protocol it was at 8.00. Dr Appointment today
1/12/2017 PH was 6.81 this morning. A lot of pain and stiffness all over. Didn’t eat breakfast. Had a homemade pumpkin muffin at noon. Just checked my GL at 3PM and its 74!
1/13/2017 Was in a hurry so ate and left the house. Checked my GL 2 hours after breakfast that included a muffin and was 97! It’s 2PM and I am just getting to my protocol. My PH is 7.28.
1/14/2017 Ate breakfast without checking fasting GL. PH was 6.79 at first pee. Did not take protocol today.
1/15/2017 GL 108 First pee was 7.55. Took protocol at 10AM. At 12 PH was 6.54. At 4PM it was 7.57.
1/16/2017 GL was 121, was treated at a nice restaurant last night and had desert too, and PH was 6.80 and protocol at 10AM on an empty stomach. Wasn’t hungry this morning. So at 8PM PH was 8.14!
1/17/2017 GL 102 and PH 7.14 A lot pain overnight and most of today. PH 8.00 at 10 PM.
1/18/2017 GL 110, PH 7.43. Protocol at noon, at 4:30 urine was 8.13 PH. Bedtime PH was 8.03.
1/19/2017 GL 101, PH 7.17. Next pee was 7.14.
End of protocol for now.
Here is a plot of my pH readings for the few days before and during the protocol.

1/20/2017 GL 101 PH second pee 5.86 third pee 6.43, and fourth was 6.74.
The rest are second pee and beyond.
1/21/2016 GL 127 and PH was 6.87, 6.80
1/22/2017 GL 101 PH 6.54, 6.04
1/23/2017 GL 87 PH 5.99, 6.14
1/24/2017 GL After meal 101 PH 6.84, 6.24
1/25/2017 GL 101 PH 6.01, 6.34, 7.23<<UPDATE 6/21/2017.
Had my colonoscopy and 3 polyps were removed for testing. Note these three were present on the November colonoscopy but the the larger one only was removed for testing. All three came back benign!!! Additionally the site were cancer was present was biopsied and that came back negative for cancer.

So removal of 1/3 of colon was not done and the recommendations are “come back in 3 years!”

Video of the above can be seen here My story and cancer cure protocol

UPDATE: 10/12/2017 My pH has been in the high 7 to low 8 range checking 2 to 3 times a month. Recent blood work came back all good. I was given Lipator for high cholesterol back in February but didn’t take it. I added Herbal Lifeline from Herbalife instead and that took care of the problem. I am an Herbalife distributor. if you’d like any of the products.